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Sugar Wax for sensitive skin

It may be the Italian in me, but I have always waxed my legs. Or maybe, it has to do more with the fact that I hate taking the time to shave my legs. Why bother dedicating time to it if in just 2-3 days I feel that vengeful, hard stubble growing back? Maybe you are...

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DIY Winter Moisturizer

As I mention in the Seasonal Approach to moisturizing, our skin has different moisturizing requirements at different times of year.  During Winter, the dry and cold air robs our skin of moisture, allowing for dry, irritated skin to develop. But this is where my simple...

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DIY Summer Moisturizer

Especially for those of us who struggle with oily skin, summer is that time of year when our face is constantly greasy and immortalized by shiny-faced photos.  But, as I discuss in the benefits of having oily skin, the sebum (oil) that causes the shine is actually our...

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Hi, I’m Cristiana, family nurse practitioner and natural lifestyle embracer. This is where I’ll be sharing tips and ideas for living a healthier, more natural, and environmentally conscious life…all while adapting to, and embracing the adventures of living in beautiful Milan