Cris in ItalyHi, I’m Cristiana- Family Nurse Practitioner and natural lifestyle embracer.  Married to an Italian that I met while living in New York, I’m now a not-quite-expat living in Milan.

Let me explain:

I spent most of my childhood in Italy, so I don’t technically fit into the ‘expat’ category.  But, I did go to a big, football-loving college in Midwest America (Go Bucks!) and have spent most of my adult life traveling and living in NYC.   Never would I have imagined meeting and marrying a Milanese, let alone moving back to Milan with him… yet here I am.

 With the move to Italy came a new opportunity to dedicate myself to my lifelong passion for all that is health, homemade, and natural.

Here I’ll be sharing tips and ideas on embracing this lifestyle, all while sharing my adventures of living in beautiful Milan.

A bit of background

I grew up between Rome, Italy and Akron, Ohio because way back when, my Italian Dad met my American Mom. As you can imagine, this made for quite an interesting childhood. And to this day I still have a hard time identifying where I fit in more, culturally speaking.

Spending most of my life traveling, maybe it was no surprise that I eventually joined the Peace Corps and was sent to Mongolia for two years. I won’t go into details about my experiences there, but I will say it was the best, most formative experience of my life, and I am forever grateful that I had the honor of participating. Mongol Life

This is also the time I began to dabble in homemade alternatives, because, if you can’t buy deodorant, you better learn to make one for yourself!  This was also the period in which I began to learn that when you start making your own products, you not only have more control over what goes on and into your body, but you also start to realize how simple and effectives some alternatives can be, making it silly to even think of buying something that you can easily make at home.

When I came back from Mongolia, a bit more unconventional and definitely bit less (humm) hygienic, I moved to NYC, worked a while and continued my education.

As for my career choices, I’m still figuring out what I want to do with my life. But I am grateful for the degrees I do have in Finance, Chinese Language, Nursing and as a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner.  Maybe this blog will pull it all together and guide me in the right direction. Who knows.

Mixed into all of this, there’s Max. We met in New York, got married on a beach in Bermuda, moved to Milan, and the rest is now history in the making.Max and Me- Naturally in Italy

Moving to the fashion capital of the world for the not so fashion savvy:

After 20 years of living mostly in the US, I finally moved back to Italy. This country is, as you can imagine, glamorous and beautiful in every detail, but it requires an intense period of adaptation for some of us. All the hours of wearing hospital scrubs most of my waking hours, not wearing makeup or shaving my legs to support my feminist values, the unashamed joy of receiving free hand-me-downs, and my love for potty-talk have all become social no-nos. Heaven forbid I go to the grocery store in sweat pants! And going to the post office or any government building, makes me want to  pray that its at least open during business hours and cry with exasperation when things don’t go as they should.
But this is all part of the fun of living somewhere new: there is never a dull moment, and you could write a book, and in my case a blog, about all the crazy experiences.

So back to the blog

I’ve always been interested in mixing potions and making homemade alternatives to store-bought stuff.  Perhaps the travels, the people along the way, and thanks to a family that ensured I grew up appreciating nature,  I have developed a passion for all that is homemade, simple, respectful of our environment, and scientific.

This will be the space where I share my journey of striving for a more natural, healthy, and environmentally conscious life…all while adapting to and embracing the adventures of living in beautiful Milan.

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to share your thoughts with any comments 🙂