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The only hairspray you will ever need! And you most likely already have the ingredients in your home

DIY Hairspray - Naturally in ItalyMy unruly crown of baby hairs require me to use hairspray if I want to get away with at least a minimally polished updo.  But every time I activate that plume of girly-selling fine mist I almost instinctively stop breathing in fear of inhaling that stuff.  Looking into it, hairspray is basically a concoction of gross, and potentially (some proven) harmful chemicals that should not come in contact with our body, and especially should not be inhaled. Yuck.

As long as a hairspray keeps and holds hair in place without giving it that stiff appearance, I am happy with the product. Homemade hairspray is a good product that is just as effective as commercial hairspray, with the added benefit that it requires two basic ingredients you probably already have, takes literally seconds to make, and will make you realize that buying hairspray is a total waste of time and money.

Ingredients:Hairspray Naturally in Italy

  •  2 tablespoons warm water
  •  1 tablespoon alcohol (I use vodka, but isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol works too)
  • 2 teaspoons white sugar


  •      5+ drops of any kind of essential oil you like to make it smell good


Mix sugar in water, add in alcohol, and essential oils if desired, give the mixture a good shake until all granules are dissolved, and pour it in a fine-spray bottle.  Done. Spray it on hair and style as usual.

Want to give it a lighter or stronger hold?

Well the 2 teaspoons of sugar indicated above provide the right amount of hold for my styling needs, but everyone’s tastes are different.  You can either add or subtract 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of sugar to adjust it. Personally, I test it’s strength on my forearms: since I do have the classic Italian hairy arms (jealous?), I spray it on my forearm to check the hold.  Alternately, if you aren’t gifted with hairy forearms, you can test the strength on hair before showering so that you don’t go on a trial and error binge that leaves you with questionable hairdos.

 Now lets dispel some myths:

  • Your hairdo will not become sticky. When it dries, it magically feels like any other hairspray
  • It does not attract bees, flies, or any other creature…It does, however, attract compliments to your fabulously held-in-place do
  • Most recipes out there will tell you to use distilled or boiled water to keep the spray from spoiling, but i use regular tap water, and each batch lasts me months and runs out before I ever notice even the hint of spoiling. I haven’t encountered any spoiling with this product yet, but if you are worried about it you can add the alcohol to be extra sure.  Boiled water in itself may be sterile, but as long as you pour it into a non-sterile container or comes in contact with any other non-sterile substance, it is useless.

As you can see, there’s no need to buy the fancy stuff and inhale those questionable ingredients that may be harmful.  Proudly use and make your own, knowing that the ingredients you use are safe and environmentally friendly!

Check out also my all-natural, and a little unconventional, hair washing method for shiny and nourished hair here.

A word about the products suggested on this post:

**I have either thoroughly researched and/or used the above products myself, and some may be displayed as items from affiliation programs such as Amazon associates. Purchasing any product from this link does not affect your cost in any way, it just allows me to receive a small commission to help support this blog.


  • Julie

    Ok, C, this is the first recipe I have looked at on your site, and I gotta say, I LOVE your writing style! I had no idea you were such a clever wordsmith with such a thoroughly engaging style! Amanda is going to go gaga over this blog, AND as a writer, she’s going to be totally inspired by you. You are amazing, girlfriend.

    • naturallyinitaly

      Julie you are too kind! I was actually a little nervous in telling you about it because YOU are such a good writer (and a teacher, too!), but thank you for taking the time to read it 🙂 Find some interesting natural recipes while travaling in Ecuador- I’d love to learn different kinds from different cultures!

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