Welcome the the Naturally in Italy blog. To learn more about what brings me to writing and sharing about topics that are dear to my heart, you can check the about page. As this site evolves, hopefully it will become a useful space for readers interested in living a more natural, healthy, and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Below are some of the main topics I try to focus on most:

What you put on your body is as important as what you put in it. Making your own beauty products is like making a homemade pasta sauce or a dessert- its all a matter of learning the recipe, and once you have it down pat, the fun lies in trying to personalize it to your liking!

I strongly believe we have a moral duty to respect our environment and be aware of the impact our actions (and waste) have on this planet. Here is where I share my adventures in discovering the beauties of Italy, while embracing a lifestyle of reduced waste and respect for our environment.

Avoid spraying and smearing toxic potions all around your home. My motto is: if you think that licking it is a bad idea, you should probably not let it anywhere near your food and loved ones…

Here you’ll find tips and natural remedies for maintaining your health naturally. Alternative medicine is a great way to supplement conventional treatments, and I’ll be using science and research to provide the safest information.